Sometimes you need to do something on a show, but there is no off-the-shelf solution that will work.  Or the solutions are too expensive for the project to bear.  In moments like this, I tend to lean heavily on Cycling74‘s Max/MSP

Here’s some solutions I’ve created with MAX for various productions.

Dante Listener
MIDI Mixer & Analyzer
Continuous Controller to DM1000 Master Fader

I’ve recently become interested in Ambisonic sound recording and playback.  It’s a method to record and reproduce audio accurately in 3 dimensional space.  In the fall of 2016, I did an experiment incorporating an ambisonic recording along with a 360º video recording of a production of Romeo & Juliet.

While the recording won’t win any Academy Awards, it was a great proof of concept.  It led me to present a session at the World Stage Design in Taipei in 2017. See my Keynote presentation here:

Jeremy Lee World Stage Deign Ambisonics Session