Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati

Annapurna is another deep character study, with a very unique structure.  The first few scenes are somewhat comedic, and very short.  They required an almost sit-com type of approach.  The majority of the play, however, is one long scene where the two characters explore their past and try to reconcile their differences before the male character dies from cancer.

The play takes place in a run down mobile home in the mountains of Colorado.  It starts with the male character in the kitchenette frying up rotten sausage for his dog.

For the music in this play, I started by recording myself banging on everything in my kitchen in various rhythms, and engaging my best guitar impersonation of Ted Nugent.  This was to help in setting the rhythm of the first few scenes, as well as the energy and grittiness of the setting and the characters.

  • Directed by D. Lynn Meyers
  • Sound by Jeremy J Lee
  • Sets & Lights by Brian Mehring
  • Costumes by Reba Senske
  • With Dennis Parlato & Regina Pugh