Juilliard School, NYC

I was brought onto this production by the director, Pam MacKinnon.  We had worked on a few productions before, and this was another great collaboration.

We realized that this play was both a character study, and a very deep exploration on loss.  But it is also a real examination of what it is to fall in love.  In all of these things, there are no final answers, only a sense of self, and how one relates to the world.

We wanted to evoke all of this subliminally through the music, while also invoking the setting of a downtown loft at night.  For inspiration, I looked to the world of jazz, writing and performing music for a (sometimes augmented) quartet of piano, drums, bass, and muted trumpet.

Top of Show:

Transition to Scene 3:

Transition to Act II, Scene 4

End of Play: