Videos designed by Alexander Nichols Sound Designed by Jeremy J Lee

Written by David Edgar; Directed by Tony Taccone; Produced by The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Berkeley Repertory Theatre

This was a world premiere play that looked at both sides of the political divide. In Daughters of the Revolution, you followed a 1960s revolutionary turned middle class citizen as he dives down the rabbit hole of the world he left behind. You also meet the Democratic candidate for governor who was with him in the 60s, environmental activists, ex-Black Panthers, etc.

In Mothers Against, you look at the same Gubernatorial race, but from the Republican point of view as they prepare for the debate.

The first four videos below were transitions in Daughters of the Revolution. In them, you see elements of the political ads of the race, as well as lines that we’ve either heard already, or from phone calls our main character has during his journey. These were low resolution versions of the movies that I used to design to.