Cydonia was a video game produced by Aneiva, Inc and distributed by Dreamcatcher Interactive. In 1995, a friend of mine from college approached me to provide the sound design and music for a startup video game company. 90% or more of what you hear in the game was designed and composed by me.

This title shipped in 1998. This was a time when I was surprised when the programmers said that a 4x CD-ROM drive would be required to play the game, and a blank CD-R was $20! It was long before the Unreal, Unity, and Wwise engines existed, so I was instrumental in shaping the audio portion of the engine as well as the sound of the game. We had multiple layers of sound available to us- music loops, soundtracks to movies and cutscene animations, as well as environmental sounds that would play back randomly and at varying pitch and level. Remember, MYST had only come out a few years earlier- it was kind of groundbreaking in its own little way.

Cydonia/ Lightbringer on MobyGames Website

Here is a fan’s video from Youtube showing the opening movie for the game as well as a few minutes of gameplay: