This was a very unique show. Director/ Creator Chris Ajemian was developing a new, media-based way to distribute a script. He called it Digital Video Script, or DVS for short.

He had written a script to accompany the entire album Vertigo by Groove Armada. It was to be a show with basically no dialog- only music, video, and actors. Chris and I spent a month or two working in iMovie animating text and images to the music. I found that editing video was very similar to editing audio- it takes a musicality and a specific aesthetic to do either well.

Here is the teaser that we worked up for the project:

Here’s the trailer for the show with some of the actors. In the performance, the first bit with actors was projected, and as the main character goes through the door, the actors enter the space live.

And here’s the entire video in case you want to check it out! We really pushed the limit of what iMovie can do on this project. In fact, it’s now a much less capable program than it used to be in this regard, as they wanted to push people towards Final Cut. It appears that YouTube is blocking this video- looking for a way to get this to you! For now, you can stream it here: